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5 reasons why social networks no longer sell

Social networks are means of communication that four years ago were very effective for the sale of products and services of small and large companies, however, the competition rose so much that it stopped working to sell products and became a positioning instrument. and brand recognition. 

In this blog I will tell you 5 reasons why social networks no longer sell, starting with the definitions of B2B and B2C to have a better understanding of the subject at hand.

What is B2B and B2C?

Before starting with the reasons why social networks no longer sell, we must be clear about two fundamental concepts to understand this entry, the B2B and the B2C.

  • B2B (Business to Business): Business to business, it's the way we Firms sell products and services to each other that is to say, in this business model only work between companies, so they are larger sales and more executive relationships. B2B is based more on logic and decision making, and the purchase process is longer. 
  • B2C (Business to Consumer): Business to consumer, this form of business is very emotion based due to its target audience (individuals and not companies). This marketing strategy tends to focus on high potential customers. In other words, this type of business is focused on people and not on companies.

Now that we know what the meanings of each one are, we should sit down for a moment to think about our business and define in which of the two it fits and why. This will help us focus the marketing strategies that we must implement. 

5 reasons why social networks no longer sell

1. You consider social networks as the center of your strategy

When you place social networks at the center of your marketing strategy, you are focusing all your efforts on one platform. whose objective is not to sell but to communicate with each other, so starting here your strategy is not good and your sales may not be either.

Social networks are a virtual environment for people to communicate with each other, Although they have a large part of advertising between publications, this is not their main objective and therefore they are not built to sell directly. Here you can make yourself known and promote your products, however, it is not correct that all your strategy is focused on these platforms. 

There are many strategies that do help you sell directly, such as SEO, which increases the traffic of your web page.

2. The type of company you are

Since we are clear about the concepts of B2B and B2C. Let's start with the target audience of social networks, as we well know, networks have individuals who want to communicate with other individuals as their public, so when we say that a B2B company is advertising through social networks, we can almost immediately identify that this company is in the wrong place. 

Now speaking of B2C companies, social networks can function as support to achieve better visibility, however, the same thing happens that we have been commenting on in the previous point, this It is NOT a direct sales platformTherefore, you must add other strategies that lead your target audience to your website, where they can find your entire catalog.

3. It has a very high cost

When we mention that it is not possible to sell through social networks, it is because the percentage of sales that you can make in them is much lower than what you can make from your website directly, using other strategies to position it in search engines like Google, which is available to everyone.

Now, when you manage to sell through social networks, it is usually a task that can become very time-consuming and expensive, because to have good visibility quickly you must pay to have ads published, you must also hire someone and teach them the policies of each social network to take care of this due to the high demand for time it requires. And as a consequence, it is a not very profitable system for your company.

4. Direct sale.

Social networks do not work to sell, this does not mean that they are useless, this means that the networks give you other types of information that can help you sell.

When we speak directly, we speak of platforms such as your website where your customers can see and order the products or services you offer in the same place, this situation does not happen in social networks because for this to happen, you must have a lot of traffic in your profile and as we know it is very difficult. 

Social networks work very well for data collection, in them you can generate databases and analyze statistics to find out what the needs and tastes of your target audience are, so don't abandon them completely, you just have to refocus your digital strategy and broaden your horizons

5. Social networks

When we enter a network not social we entered looking for a product to buy, we enter to see and know profiles of people or to follow the movements of our favorite artist, that's why when we get an advertisement we usually pass by because it's not what we came in for.

That is why when we buy through social networks it is spontaneously, an impulse and possibly an aggressive advertising. On the other hand, when we look for a product we tend to open search engines like Google or Yahoo! Sites that allow us to see a wider range of the product we are looking for.

We can conclude that social networks are not places to sell due to its social and non-commercial objective, however, can be information gathering sites that help us study what our target audience wants.  

Now if you want learn more about digital marketing strategies outside of social networks, we can help you. Auladig is a digital marketing agency where we can create strategies that help you position your sites.


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