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6 mistakes when doing digital marketing

In this post we will talk about 6 mistakes when doing digital marketing, we will start with a short explanation about what digital marketing is and how it works and we will continue with the explanation of each error.

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what is the digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the set of strategies focused on the electronic communication and marketing of products and services through the media, that is, they are ways that companies use to have a better visibility in the market and attract a target audience to their respective websites.

How does digital marketing work?

Digital marketing is one of the main ways of communicating with the public directly and immediately, for this reason channels such as blogs, search engines, social media and emails are used to distribute information about the company and what it offers using a language, which contains keywords to attract the public according to their culture, psychological data (such as: how old are they, how they behave) and their geographical location.

Now that we know what it is and how it works, let's continue with the 6 mistakes when doing digital marketing.

Digital marketing strategies are widely used today due to the good results that companies have obtained. While this strategy is excellent for your business, you should not forget the following mistakes when doing digital marketing to avoid them.

1. Saturate the audience with content:

Being creative is a very valuable characteristic in the world of commerce, however, if you are not careful, your creativity can overflow and end up building too many pieces to advertise your company, which can end up negatively affecting you, for this reason you must learn to select the best advertising pieces and upload them at a certain time. You have to be constant but not too much, you don't want to sound like a desperate salesperson.

2. Not having good communication with the client:

In web 2.0 (the social web is formed to publish content, where the essence of this is that many users can interact at the same time) the interaction between two users is fundamental, hence the importance of having a constant communication with customers, in this way you will be able to establish more fluid communication routes and strengthen your customers. If you do not have good communication with your audience, they will prefer another seller who serves them better.

3. Not using the most appropriate means.

This is one of the big mistakes you make when doing digital marketing, posting on social media or sending emails to large lists thinking that the more you publish, the more your sales go up. Well now let me tell you that's wrong, you have to find the right ways to increase your sales. You can have blog posts or advertisements very well done and if you publish them in media where your target audience is not, you will end up failing in digital marketing. For this reason, those of us who do digital marketing must have an eagle's eye so that our message reaches the target audience.

If you want to learn more about how to choose a social network for your company, visit us.

4. Not knowing your target audience.

Knowing and understanding your target audience is really important because they are the backbone of your marketing strategy. Knowing who it is addressed to will give them a solution to the questions of how, where and when your message arrives, and if you answer these questions correctly, the quality of your publications will go up immediately.

It is usually believed that advertising campaigns are for all audiences, however, campaigns do not have general audiences, to make one you must take into account age, socioeconomic level, schooling, consumption habits, geographic location, among others. that allow advertising campaigns to be effective.

5. Not having a development plan.

Believe it or not, plans are very important when doing digital marketing. These are to define a route, their clear objective is to help us follow a path to work better, so they must be configured day by day collecting data and analyzing them in order to optimize your work. Plans usually suffer alterations as work is carried out, due to inconveniences arising or other opportunities open, the important thing is that you have a defined plan.

6. Don't worry about SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques to position your page in search engines) is essential to do digital marketing, because it is what allows you to have a better positioning, visibility and more visits on your website, it is because this you must be clear about how it works and constantly work on it.

These are some mistakes you can make when doing digital marketing, however, here is a solution, in Auladig we help you with the digital marketing of your company, so you can avoid all these mistakes that I just mentioned and save time to use it in other aspects that require more of your presence.



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