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Add Google Maps to WordPress

add google maps to wordpress

Do you want your store or company to be more visible on the internet? You should know that there are currently an infinite number of virtual tools that can help you position your company's presence in the digital world. Each one has its peculiarities and its specific ways of speeding up your sales cycle and placing your company in the best place. You just have to encourage yourself to explore them! Here we will tell you about the union of two of these tools: we will tell you how you can add Google Maps to Worpress and what benefits you would get by doing so.

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Dare to position your company on the Internet! It's really easy to do it with WordPress. You will have at your disposal incredible advantages such as the ones we tell you about below.

Add Google Maps to WordPress

Adding Google Maps to WordPress is a really simple task that will bring incredible advantages to your company or physical store. It is the union or conjunction of two tools that are available on the Internet and widely recognized. It is true that they have different functions and that their purpose is different: they are designed and used to achieve different objectives.

But keep in mind that saying they are different is not the same as saying they are incompatible. Google Maps and WordPress are tools that can work together. In fact, its effectiveness lies in its compatibility -as you will see later-. Its different functions can be harmonized, they can be combined, to achieve the commercial objective you are looking for: to place your company online and multiply the number of customers in your physical store.

Before telling you how you can add Google Maps to Wordpress, it is opportune and convenient for you to know what Google Maps is and what WordPress is. If you know what they are for, what their features and benefits are, the advantages you find when adding Google Maps to WordPress will be more understandable. In the same way, by understanding it better, you will be able to get the most out of the union of these two invaluable tools. So let's see it!

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a Google tool widely known for its location services. It provides a wealth of information regarding the geography and spatial arrangement of the entire world with an incredible degree of accuracy and precision. On its interactive map (which allows different perspectives, and highlights places of interest) you can locate yourself without problems thanks to the GPS connection of your different devices.

In addition, its Street View function is very useful when looking for a specific address or a place you don't know. In this sense, it offers you the function of drawing one or several routes from the current location of the user of the application to a precise point on the map. In short, it is a powerful tool for the company that wants to position its presence both in the virtual world and in the physical one.

How can Google Maps serve your company?

As I mentioned, Google Maps offers information about places of interest. There you can find museums, theaters, cinemas, hotels, and cultural spaces, etc. of a city. Thus, you can also find commercial sites: restaurants, cafeterias, bars, and an infinity of commercial stores that offer the most varied products.

If your company or store appears on the Google map, it is easier for it to appear in the first results of the Google search engine. In addition, being present on Google Maps makes it easier for you to get local customers who are close to the location of your store.

What is WordPress?

On the other hand, WordPress is a CMS software. CMS (content management system) is a content management system. That is to say, WordPress is a software that allows you to create an open source web page easily, simply and quickly. There, you can publish blog content, e-commerce stores, and online portfolios.

It is one of the most popular CMS currently. It is estimated that about half of the websites in the world use it. This is because with WordPress you don't need the technical and specialized knowledge and skills of a computer engineer to create attractive, versatile and functional web pages.

What can WordPress serve your company for?

It is evident that the Internet contributed and contributes to the movement and commercial fluidity. And not only from large companies, but also from small and medium-sized ones. If you want your company to streamline its sales cycle, attract potential customers and retain those it already has, it is essential that you have a virtual site. And what is also important: that it has a good site; that is, that it is visible, that it appears in the first results.

There are SEO strategies to achieve this. In order to implement these strategies, you need to have a website where you show what you do. A site that guarantees a close relationship with your customers; that allows you to publish interesting, attractive and informative content, in order to build trust.

WordPress allows you to do it. Also, being an open source software, allows the incorporation of complementary tools that support the achievement of your business objectives. Within the possibilities you have there, you can add Google Maps to WordPress.

What is the use of adding Google Maps to WordPress?

You already know what Google Maps and WordPress are. By adding Google Maps to WordPress, you are combining the functions of both tools and therefore extending the reach of your business on the Internet.

You multiply the chances of being found on the Internet. And not only that: your company or physical store can be found and known by those who should find it: local customers, who are close to it.

By adding Google Maps to WordPress, your business gains a valuable position.

  • On the one hand, when a potential customer near your company searches for something related to the product or service you offer, Google immediately shows your company in its results (of course, if you have implemented SEO strategies effectively).
  • On the other hand, when your business is listed on Google Maps, customers who navigate on the Google map will find your business and may have its exact location.

How to add Google Maps to WordPress?

By adding Google Maps to WordPress, you offer your client the ability to locate your business or store on a map. The client can locate himself more easily, since he will have at his disposal a map that indicates the location of your company. It is not a bad idea to attach a schedule and a contact telephone number or email in Google Maps to open more communication channels.

When you add Google Maps to your page created with WordPress, you are telling the client that they can go in person to see directly what you offer: this translates into an increase in confidence. The most practical way to do it is through a plugin.

A plugin is a complementary program that is added to a main software. This add-on program performs specific functions that the main software, by itself, could not perform.

As WordPress is an open source CMS, it is possible to add a plugin that allows the display of the Google map directly. The Google Maps Widget is the best option. Follow the next steps:

  1. You must install and activate the widget.
  2. In the widget settings, you will find the “Design” option.
  3. Select where you want the map to appear. The usual thing is that it appears at the end of your web page.

As you can see, it is really simple and fast. If you have any questions, don't forget to contact us. We have a complete team specialized in Web Development, Digital Marketing, and SEO and SEM Strategies.

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