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Advantages of using WordPress as a CMS

CMS are platforms used to make WEB sites faster and more interactive. WordPress is the most used content manager in the world, due to its ease of use, its extensive tools to optimize SEO, and the large set of plugins that you have at your disposal to improve the experience on the website.

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Here is the list of the main reasons to consider WordPress as the best CMS

1. Ease of use

One of the most important advantages is how close WordPress makes web design to anyone, without the need to have extensive knowledge in HTML, and this great advantage turns any page developed in WordPress into a self-managing platform, for those who want to have a constant editing within the page

2. Modern Designs

It is a fact that currently Web developers are giving design a privileged position, prioritizing all those visual and eye-catching aspects for the user, this CMS is very clear about it and therefore enables multiple functionalities, so that the experience is as pleasant as possible. possible. With a bank of templates and an infinity of plugins that collaborate with the presentation of the page, WordPress gains in interaction, design and functionality.

3. Best Content Manager for Positioning

Google has established criteria to choose from, which pages are worth showing when a user types a search, WordPress has focused all its efforts on structuring itself in such a way that Google understands and indexes it more easily. At the same time you can help in this process by including plugins like Rank Math Seo, to guarantee this automation, so it is guaranteed that without much effort your page will be occupying the first search places.

4. Ideal for Inbound Marketing

The idea of a website is to generate traffic, views and interaction, this is not achieved if we only have an information page; We must provide our users and clients with high value content for their processes, with WordPress this is not a problem, gThanks to its ease of use and editing, business owners can be constantly nurturing their customers with content, through their blog posts, and in the same way attract new prospects from their social networks and delight them with a great experience of knowledge.

5. 100% responsive layouts

It is true that in recent years there has been an exponential growth in the use of mobile devices to browse the web, make inquiries and even search for products and make purchasing decisions. Hence the importance of having a website that adapts to different devices, the images are not deformed, the videos are reproduced properly and the loading times are minimal. 

The WordPress editor makes it possible to build the page taking into account the visualization on mobiles, tablets and PC at the same time.

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