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Can any company do inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a strategy designed to attract new customers, and retain existing ones, through a customer-focused service experience and constant delivery of valuable content for your business processes. 

It was born mainly for B2B companies but along the way many B2C organizations of certain characteristics have managed to implement this organizational culture, here we will talk about what type of company can do Inbound

1. Clients with a high Potential value

If your organization does not have clients with a high potential value, that is to say that when they become buyers, they will generate representative income for your company; It is better not to implement Inbound, since this content strategy involves efforts at the organizational level.

To land the idea I built an example, let's say you are a marketer of pens for the end customer, implementing inbound requires great efforts at the level of content, guidelines, digital infrastructure; And if your potential client represents a sale of less than a dollar, it would not make sense to do Inbound.

2. Product or Service that requires certain knowledge for its acquisition

It is in this panorama where Inbound becomes extremely attractive; Since if your client requires a technical advisor or knowledge of your product or service to be able to buy, inbound with its content strategy will be a perfect tool to retain customers throughout the bouyer journey.

3. Organizational Culture

Inbound is not a strategy that is implemented only at a commercial level, this is an organizational culture that all parts of the company must understand and adopt; therefore, if the entire organization is not aligned, it is better not to make unnecessary expenses and efforts in its implementation.

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