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Surely you know that Google is the largest search engine in the world. It is estimated that every day, on Google, up to 5.6 billion searches are carried out. They are exorbitant numbers; and with all certainty, a good part of these searches are directed to the commercial and business sector. Just search for a product or service on Google, and in the results you will find local companies -near you- that you may find interesting. Do you want your company to also have that presence on the internet? Stay, and you will know how to create Google My Business and how this tool will help you position your business.

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Every day, people search for products or services that they want or need. In any case, Google will return results that, with a high probability, will be useful and interesting. Given that fact, people will naturally seek to know more, and they will click where they are interested. What are you waiting for so that your company is the one that appears in the first results, the one that is most attractive and most competitive?

What is Google My Business?

Imagine that every mobile phone, tablet or laptop that people have within their reach It is a potential advertisement about your company, about your product or service. The image and information of your company should only appear before the client and be attractive, useful and convenient. Probably, when it happens, you will have one more client. But you will ask yourself: How to achieve this? And the short answer is: you must create Google My Business.

Basically, Google My Business is a free tool that offers companies the opportunity to manage their presence in internet results. It is In other words, it offers them the possibility of optimizing their positioning on the network, using fundamental information about the company and about the client, such as geographic location.

When you create Google My Business, your company acquires an invaluable presence in two complementary dimensions.

  • Your company will be visible in the results of the Google search engine.

  • Your business will have a specific location on Google Maps.

The digital and virtual world is gaining more and more ground. His progress seems unstoppable. Therefore, it is necessary to have a public and recognizable image on the Internet; nevertheless, Being on the internet is not the same as being well positioned on the internet. It is essential to understand and assume this difference to optimize the growth of small and medium-sized companies that seek to expand their commercial activity and take advantage of new market opportunities.

By creating Google My Business, greater visibility is achieved, and consequently greater relevance and a more robust presence. This tool allows a closer and more dynamic relationship between customers and companies; and, in this sense, a streamlining not only in the sales cycle but also in the recognition of the company as a brand. In addition, it offers you statistics of the real state of your company on the internet.

Later we will delve into the advantages that are obtained when creating Google My Business. For now, let's see the steps to create Google My Business.

Create Google My Business

Creating Google My Business is a really simple and easy procedure, which you can carry out very quickly.

There is even the possibility that you save half the procedure, since the domain of your company may already exist in Google My Business. This way, you could go straight to verification.

How to create it?

Follow these simple steps:

It is unnecessary to suggest that you offer true information about your company and activity; Thus, you will be able to position yourself more easily, and you will generate more trust among your potential clients. The domain, the category, the category of your company will be the data that you offer here.

  • Provide a location.

This is essential, since you can locate your company on Google Maps. An exact location is very important so that, in the future, customers can find the physical location of your store without problems.

Also, by having a clear location, you will appear in the search results of local customers who may be near your business. You have the option to customize the way customers will perceive your services.

  • Enter your company's contact information.

This data is what your future customers will finally see. It is recommended that you have more than one contact channel, as it is more likely that you will be able to communicate with your customers, attend to their suggestions, inform them of possible promotions and even seek to retain them.

How to check it?

Verification is the last step in creating Google My Business. It is, in fact, the definitive step to ensure that the company that can already appear in the network and inspire confidence among potential customers. By verifying your Google My Business account you make sure that your company is not impersonated.

The verification process is equally simple. There are different ways to do it, and you may have to use more than one. Keep in mind that, in the case of having to review them "manually", the verifications can take up to seven business days.

  • Via phone or SMS.
  • Email.
  • Video recording.
  • Postal courier.

What is it for?

By creating Google My Business, you are opening up a world of possibilities for your business. Basically, it serves to manage the ways your company has to present itself to the client via Google. That is to say, it serves so that you yourself take charge of the way in which your company is going to present itself on the internet. And in a world of images, it's important to deliver a good one.

By creating Google My Business, you obtain greater fluidity in the communication between your company and your clients: on the one hand, your company is more visible and more accessible; Secondly, It offers your company the possibility of interacting directly with your customers, increasing trust.

What advantages does it offer your company?

Creating Google My Business is giving you the opportunity to boost the activity of your company. It offers you several advantages that, knowing how to take advantage of them, will boost your sales and the loyalty of your customers.

  • You are in control from the first impression

You can handle your image. That is very important. It is recommended that you update the information about the care and products you offer, so that you can earn a good reputation among your customers.

  • Easily connect with customers

You can offer more than one communication channel. Remember to use more than one contact telephone number, the social networks of your company, and the updated hours in which the physical store is open to the public. If you connect easier, you can offer your promoted products more easily.

  • Know how customers find your business and discover your statistics

If you know how customers found out about your company, you can infer where and by implementing what techniques you make your company more visible. Google My Business offers you real and very useful statistics in this regard.

  • Show everything you offer

If you offer your company's social networks, where you can expand the multimedia content, it is more likely that potential customers will be more attracted. If you show all your stock, customers will find your company more attractive.

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