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Properly implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in your company requires the automation of multiple marketing, commercial and customer service processes; There are a lot of CRM, with us you will find advice on the solution that best suits your organization. 


Its complete Suite called ZOHO One allows the integration of multiple applications with which it is possible to obtain a high degree of optimization, in addition to having integrated ERP tools, ideal for companies that require too much automation in all their processes.


An ideal solution for those companies with high marketing requirements, thanks to the integration of multiple tools, they make Hubspot the perfect tool to implement a complete inbound marketing strategy.

What is the best CRM for my organization?

Every day many entrepreneurs ask themselves this question, it is common to find organizations that after months or years with an implemented CRM (customer relationship management) solution find themselves in the need to migrate to another tool, which implies high costs and waste of time.

Before acquiring one of these tools, it is recommended to request advice from an expert CRM company that studies the requirements of each particular corporation. There is no better CRM than another, only different solutions with scope and limitations.

What is the implementation of a CRM?

Our experience with companies that use crm, has allowed us to know closely what the implementation of a CRM consists of, it is the process by which the departments involved in its use such as: marketing, sales, management, human resources, etc; They meet according to the needs of your company, in such a way that the business objectives can be achieved. In this process, ideas must be organized and a scheme of activities to be automated and implemented within the CRM tool must be created.

This process can take some time and you must ensure that everyone understands the impact of implementing a crem system in your company, since it will also involve the organization's clients and potential clients.


The Best CRMs

It should be clarified that there are many types of CRM, including some tailored to each organization. Here we will talk about those that, based on our experience, give the best results.

When to implement a CRM

 It is necessary to look for a CRM solution, when a company begins to have too many commercial reprocesses, they have large commercial teams, robust databases, or many independent tools for their commercial process.

The typical example is that company that campaigns on social networks, uses a chatbot, an external email marketing tool, a Cms like wordpress for its website, tools like semrush for seo, etc; all these tools can be replaced by a complete CRM solution.


Why implement a CRM?



  • Management of campaigns in social networks and google ads in one place.
  •  A/B tests to measure what the buyer person likes the most.
  • Implementation of chatbots on websites to capture leads.
  • Email marketing campaigns can be implemented.
  • Qualification of leads to support commercial efforts.
  • Reports for analysis of the different marketing channels.
  • and much more..


  • Pipelines to manage the entire sales cycle and find opportunities for improvement.
  •  Workflows and automation of sales processes.
  • Sales forecasts, to plan and measure business goals.
  • Integration of commercial teams, to monitor and measure their goals.
  • Sales analytics.
  • Assignment and task management tools.
  • Integration of all channels in an ecosystem: CMS, Forms, email, calendar, etc.
  • and much more..


  • Satisfaction surveys, experience, NPS.
  • Ticket pipeline for fast debugging and management.
  • Shared inboxes for ticket management by multiple agents.
  • Live chat.
  • Bots for support and customer service.
  • Knowledge bases.
  • and much more..

How long does the CRM implementation take?


The CRM implementation process can be very simple or changeable according to the scope that each client wants to give it. It is important to remember that this type of software has multiple automation possibilities, and covers channels at the marketing, sales and service level, even some They also have ERP tools.

In addition to the technical implementation process that these systems require, it is also important to take into account all the steps for implementation such as strategic planning within the system.

A crm is a new business culture and requires the training of sales staff, and the administration of tools linked to the system such as marketing campaigns on social networks or Google Ads, a fundamental part that some clients ignore.

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