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Zoho CRM: What is it and 3 reasons to implement it

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CRM (Customer relationship Management) or in Spanish Customer Relationship Management, is a relationship system based on customer satisfaction, for this there are software or digital tools such as Zoho CRM that have the function of managing the company's sales , its customers, automations and sales promotions, and data storage.

In this blog, I will tell you about the Zoho CRM tools so that you can learn what CRM is, what Zoho is and why it is important that you use it in your company, I will also tell you some tips about CRM that you may not have known and that are fundamental to fully understand this strategy that will make your life easier. Join me to continue learning.

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Below we give you the list of the main reasons to consider Zoho CRM as one of the best CRMs

1. What is CRM?

A CRM (Customer relationship Management) or in Spanish Customer Relationship Management, is a tool that allows companies Manage and analyze business relationships with your customers, anticipate needs and wants, optimize profitability, increase sales and personalize campaigns to attract new prospects. 

All this allows them to have a broader control of the company and the services it offers so that the user experience in your company is as pleasant as possible.

zoho crm advantages and disadvantages
CRM Zoho

2. What is Zoho?

Zoho is a set of free tools that can help you run and manage your business faster and more effectively, making it agile and efficient with customer requests. To access these applications, all you have to do is register with a valid email and start exploring them. Zoho is a company that offers various services such as CMR, finance, workspace, Marketing, among others, which have the functionality to help your company be more efficient in all marketing and sales processes.

In this blog we are going to address a specific CRM tool, which allows us to manage and analyze business relationships with customers. Let's first see what CRM Zoho is according to the official page of this tool to continue learning more about it. Zoho CRM is:

"CRM Zoho is an on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) software that enables you to manage customer relationships in an efficient way. It's efficient because Zoho CRM helps you streamline your organization-level sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions in one system.”

3. Why should I implement it in my company?

After knowing what CRM Zoho is, let's see why it is important to implement it in your company, then I will present you 3 reasons why you should be using CRM Zoho.

3.1 Clients

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CRM Zoho is a tool to manage the interaction of a company with current customers and potential customers, that is, CMR Zoho is a tool that helps you think and act in favor of the needs and desires of your company's customers-consumers .

Customers are a fundamental part of your company, for this reason giving them the best attention helps you get more customers and retain those who have already purchased a product or service that you offer.

Organizing and managing all the variables to meet this requirement can be difficult because it requires a lot of time, several people to take care of a specific area and you need a lot of money to improve in all aspects, that's why Zoho CRM is one of the best possibilities. to satisfy your customers without driving you crazy.

3.2 data collection

An important aspect of Zoho CRM is that it collected data from different variables and customer communication channels. Collect information from your website, email, cell phone, among others that can help you create a database and segment it to carry out marketing campaigns that are very well suited to the types of clients you have and the potential clients you may have. .

This is another very important reason why you should use Zoho tools, because when you have a good database you can build loyalty and get more customers in record time, in addition to being able to implement other marketing strategies such as SEO. If you don't know what SEO is, I recommend you read our Blog.

3.3 All in one

Zoho CRM has several sub-tools that allow you to manage everything from a global application, Zoho has sub-tools such as: email, desk, recruit, books, among others. In addition, it allows you to obtain analysis and information from the different parts in real time and allows you to connect with the Google and Microsoft suite to make your work more effective.

You have three very powerful reasons to implement CRM in your company and make your life easier, however, this may sound difficult at first, that is why at Auladig we help you with the implementation of this system, you just have to schedule an appointment with Juan de Auladig and so that we can talk about your company.

In conclusion, CMR are the tools and techniques that help us provide a better service to customers, in this case we make Zoho a platform that allows you to provide the customer with a better user experience.

If you want to talk with Juan de Auladig, click on the following button and schedule an appointment.

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