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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

hubspot crm vs zoho crm

Automation of commercial management

Do you have databases in a tool other than excel?

Do you send mass emails to your clients?

Do you have your customers organized in a controllable sales cycle?

Do you have clear and reliable statistics on the productivity of your commercial department? 

Do you have automated advertising you make on social networks?

Do you have a tool to do inbound Marketing?

If you answer no to most of these questions- You need a CRM

A CRM Customer Relations Manager

It is a tool with great potential for the commercial area, used in the administration and monitoring of the sales cycle

What We Guarantee

This tool provides the sales team with an efficient mechanism of administration, recording of activities automatically, and storage of activities with clients in an orderly timeline, 

Do not worry if you are not close to the digital world, we advise you on the implementation from the first moment. If you have any problem we are 24/7 to solve it. 

We handle a rigorous information privacy policy, your data is safe with us

Get an up-to-date and complete view of the status of your sales on a visual dashboard. You can sort won and lost deals, scheduled appointments, submitted contracts, and track performance of set quotas in one simple view.

Do not doubt in Contact us We will guide you through the entire process.

Database Management

Database Management

Sort, filter and organize the information of your contacts, track the actions carried out with each of your potential clients.

Follow-up to your commercial department

Follow-up to your commercial department

A CRM is a shared work tool that allows traceability and control of the sales team.

Mass Emails

Mass Emails

Stop repeating the same emails, use templates and send them in bulk, keeping track of them

Simplify daily activities

Simplify Daily Activities

Sending documents, commercial emails, database feed, managing tasks, meetings, short and long term goals.



Social media ad management

Sales Cycle

Sales Cycle

It allows you to have control over the sales cycle of each business, to budget for future income.

Backed by one of the best CRM on the market

But here it does not end

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