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Digital marketing is any commercial or advertising action that is done through digital media, but this can be more effective if strategies such as inbound marketing are used.

Email Marketing

Strategy to generate value to your audience, delivering information of interest via email.


Also called PPC, it is the mechanism through which your company will occupy the first search positions, paying a budget per click. 


Optimize a web page, to expand its visibility and obtain better positioning in the results of search engines, such as Google.


Section of a web page, which is constantly updated, becoming a means of communication that allows interaction with a public  

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a content-oriented marketing strategy and non-intrusive advertising, it is considered an evolution of content marketing that had its beginnings in 1981.

The strategy is based on valuable content, which provides the potential client with a solution or answers to the needs that arise. In this way you will find trust and credibility which will encourage you to become a customer.

Difference Between Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

  •  Try to attract the customer.
  • Their advertising channels are usually digital, such as: Blogs, Webinars, Podcasts.
  • There is high segmentation when qualifying prospects thanks to valuable content.
  • Encourages the potential customer to make the decision to buy.
  • Customer feedback is essential.

Outbound Marketing

  •  Chase the customer.
  • Its advertising channels are the traditional ones such as: Press, Radio, Television, etc.
  • It massively attacks large segments of the public that for the most part are not interested in the product or service.
  • Requires more commercial effort
  • There is no two-way communication.

To carry out an effective Inbound Marketing you need a good methodology:

The inbound methodology focuses on providing highly relevant content for the public, through different tools arranged to share knowledge and generate relevant experiences for users.


How does Inbound Marketing work?

It is responsible for providing elements whose objective is to allow customers to meet their goals by accompanying them throughout the process, creating co-responsibility in the service for their consumers, prospects and customers.

It contains 3 essential phases which are: attraction, interaction and delight of consumers

Inbound marketing strategies

Its objective is to be effective in attracting the specific audience, which your company wants to attract, so that it meets its goals.


Buyer's journey


Recognition stage

Being more eye-catching involves creating and publishing exclusive content since the way to reach more clients is to take advantage of available tools such as blogs and content offers, awakening the interest of your potential clients.


Consideration stage

The buyer already knows what his problem is, now he looks for a solution through research and other methods to solve it.


Decision stage

Already the buyer knows several solutions to the problem, makes a list of all the suppliers and products that correspond to the chosen strategy. As you inquire further, you narrow your list to make a decision as to which is the best option.  

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