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email marketing campaigns

Make good communication between the company and your customers through email marketing, sending messages in a short time, which will help you acquire customers, increase sales, make the product known; thus generating trust towards your service or product.

With your email marketing campaign you will

Personalized and eye-catching emails for the customer

Position your website
Connect with your users and potential customers.

Customers are interested in everything that happens with your business, therefore you have to keep them aware of this, since it is difficult to communicate with all of them, the best solution that does not require so much time and offers greater effectiveness is Email-Marketing  

high quality
Deliver valuable content to your audience
Deliver valuable content.

The creation of high quality content is essential to position yourself, Email-Marketing will help you offer unique and exclusive content where your customers will enjoy it, encouraging the sharing of information between both, providing your business with great sales opportunities

Build loyalty and delight your audience
Build loyalty and delight your audience

Credibility will help your clients relate more to your company through Email-Marketing, keeping them aware of your brand by making them familiarize themselves so that they can enter into constant learning about your business, the more they hear about it, the more trust it will generate. .


Send personalized marketing emails in minutes


Basic Campaign Plan 350,000COP
  • Design of 3 templates for shipping
  • Design of forms to capture leads
  • Design of 5 inbound campaigns per month
  • Quarterly strategy creation
  • Keyword study
  • Optimization of mailing
  • Database management
  • Automations
Standard Campaign Plan 500,000 COP
  • Design of 10 inbound campaigns
  • Design of 3 templates for shipping
  • Design of forms to capture leads
  • Creation of monthly strategy
  • Keyword study
  • Optimization of mailing
  • Database management
  • Automations
  • Lead flow configuration based on inbound methodology
+ 400
Fulfilled projects
+ 5
Presence in countries

Some Success Cases

Wah Ayurveda

Ecuadorian company, from the wellness and quality of life sector, has a highly loyal audience as it has focused on sharing highly relevant content for its audience, we have been accompanying them in this process for more than a year and optimizing their email marketing and outreach strategies of valuable content.

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