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Digital tools of great use in your work

Digital tools such as Google Keep, Click up, Hubspot, Google Sheets, Last Pass and Cliengo are the perfect solution for students, entrepreneurs, businessmen or people who hold a position that requires organization and improvement of their processes. Here we show you the best ones and a brief introduction of each one 

Google Keep

For students, entrepreneurs, businessmen or those who want to organize their notes, Google Keep is the solution that allows you to organize your notes, highlight them, label them with colors, create them by voice, by hand or by photos; It also integrates with Google Maps to remind you of a note at the exact location.

Click UP

A better alternative to Trello for project management, with clickup you will achieve many better usability functions, functions such as (calendar, chat, tasks, team management, screen recording, chat and much more) this tool is a luxury.

Install clickup on this link

Google Sheets

If you do not have Office licenses or you prefer to work in the cloud, whether you are a student, entrepreneur, businessman or employee, an alternative to manage your spreadsheets is Google Sheets, you can use it for free from your gmail email, it allows you to work in groups, connect your spreadsheets with each other, and the best thing is not to fill up your PC's hard drive, because everything stays in the cloud.

Install your free gmail account at this link.


When your business starts to grow or you already have a company with a website with high traffic and many questions, a chatbot is the solution; Cliengo is one of the best digital tools with artificial intelligence that you can install on your website, social networks or WhatsApp, let Cliengo work for you

Install Cliengo on this link and receive 30 days free.

Last Pass

One of the least used but most necessary digital tools. Password managers are used to avoid having to remember or write your access codes, just create a very secure key and the manager takes care of everything, last pass with a very friendly interface, it is easily installed in Google Chrome extensions and It allows all the management in a very simple way, you can even share them in a safe way.

Install Last Pass on this link.


Whether you have a small business, a large company, or just want to manage a database, hubspot is the solution; From its free plan it already offers you a powerful tool for managing your contacts, with email opening notifications, task management, linking with your email, business pipeline, and in its paid versions, a powerful CMS, creation of automations and much more.

To acquire it, get support from experts, talk to us at this link

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