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Put your company in the first search positions, do you know what Google ADS is for?

Did you know? Since 2011 Google has more than 1.2 billion companies advertising their products on the search network. Here's why this channel has become such a successful sales tool

I will introduce you to what it is, how it works and what Google ADS is for. Join me to learn more!

Do you want to start a project with Google ADS? Auladig helps you

What is Google ADS?

Google ADS, formerly called Google Adwords, is a program to advertise online that is part of the Google company, in this program you can create online advertisements to "Reach people at the right time" this way they are more likely to visit your website or call a number that you have destined.

Next we will tell you how Google ADS influences the positioning of your company

Do you know what Google ADS is for?

Now if we are going to enter the subject that concerns us, what is Google ADS for?

Google ADS is a paid tool that you can use to promote your business and increase traffic to your website through ads that Google publishes in the most appropriate spaces according to the customers you want to reach.

The accounts of this program are managed online, this gives you the option to change the campaigns whenever you want, the text, the budget, the configuration or the objective, as long as you have internet to access them.

Google ADS does not have minimum investment requirements, with this tool you can make an increasing investment, that is, you invest a certain amount of money in the month of July, if at the end of the month you obtained the expected result then in August you can increase that investment and so on until you reach your investment cap.

5 steps to start a google aDS campaign

Google ADS works from a series of steps that are:

1. Know your goal:

The tool requires knowing your goal to help you tailor the ads you are going to create.

2. Decide where to post your ads

You can publish your ads locally or globally, your decision will depend on who they are directed to and where your business operates.

3. Create the message you want to convey

This can be the most complex step because writing to attract customers is not always easy, your message should not exceed 3 lines.

4. Choose your budget

This is a payment tool, so you should look at how much is your monthly budget for it.

5. Post your ad

Your ad will appear on the different google platforms that are related to your target audience, for example, if you have a hotel your ad will appear on google maps or when someone searches for a hotel in the area where yours is.

This tool works through a series of steps that will help you manage it correctly and meet the objective of reaching more customers.

Google ADS a tool for you to have a good positioning in search engines

Since we know a little about the Google ADS tool, I would like to tell you a little about it. positioning of your company and because it is important for greater sales success and recognition.

If your company's website is one of the first that comes out when someone searches for a word related to a product or service that you offer, you will have more possibility of purchase, this is called positioning and it is important that your company is well positioned. You can achieve this through Google ADS, this product can be used as a tool that benefits your company and increases your customers.

What I am telling you may seem very simple, but it is not, although the Google ADS tool is simple to handle, this does not guarantee an immediate success, because you must have extensive knowledge of the market, that is, how it moves day by day, what are the trends and how the market behaves according to Google statistics, here lies the importance of having a good Marketing agency to help you with all these analyzes that can waste time that you need to invest in other activities.

All this you have to analyze to have a better response, on the other hand, writing the ads should be a previously considered strategy, you have to look for the keywords that fit what you want to say, however, you must be careful with which you use because if they are very frequent in the network then your ad will not fulfill the main objective.

The above may seem complicated, do not worry, I offer you a solution, Auladig is a digital Marketing agency that offers the Google ADS service, you can contact us to help you create your ads and manage the platform, in this way not you will have to worry about analyzing, writing or configuring the platform.

In conclusion, Google ADS is a product that Google offers to create advertisements that help your company have more sales and greater traffic on its website, it also gives you a positioning that depending on how you handle the tool can do you a lot of good .

Finally, I would like to invite you to visit our website so that you can see all the services we offer and make yourself comfortable with the ones you need the most.


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