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Digital experiences: decisive for business growth

“In 2019, for the fourth consecutive year, the number of companies created in Colombia increased. According to the statistics of the Colombian Confederation of Chambers of Commerce (Confecamaras), 309,463 productive units were established, with an increase of 2.1% compared to 2018, when 303,027 were created.” Bancolombia

Every year a large number of companies are created to compete in the market, for this reason you have to look for strategies that make you stand out. A very important point is to have your company on the internet, people surf all the time and there it can be the best channel to make your company stand out.

Digital experiences are those that allow the company to offer something more than the digitization of paper, that is, create an experience beyond the posters or information that is given or was given to customers by physical means. .

In this blog I will tell you a little about business growth and the importance of being found on the internet, then we will start with defining what business growth is, how it is achieved, 5 business growth strategies and finally we will look at thedigital experiences.

At Auladig we help you digitize your company.

What is business growth?

Business growth are the changes that a company experiences in favor of development that is evidenced in the increase in its profitability and with this the place that it will occupy in the market, that is, the stability that it will have in the market.

The principle of creating a company is to solve a present need in the market and, over time, through innovation, grow and sustain itself there.

How is business growth achieved?

When a company grows it is usually because it enters a bigger stage, which demands more of it. In this case, investment is the most important factor because the company must have the money to meet the demand required by the scenario, so you must invest in products, personnel, and machinery that will help you increase the production that the demand generates.

Business growth is achieved by investing in improving your company, that is, training staff, renovating machines, hiring agencies to help you digitize your business or opening more branches that allow you to increase your sales.

5 Strategies for business growth.

Business growth does not happen overnight, you must work for it, so here I present 5 strategies that will help you achieve the growth you want.

1. Design your business model.

When you think about your business model, you must keep in mind that it must be adjusted when your business grows, that is, it must work in the city where you created your business and in other places.

Another thing that is very important in the business model is its digitization, this will allow you to gain greater visibility in other places before expanding physically and it gives you the opportunity to make your company international.

In the business model, your presence and knowledge are important, so as not to lose business opportunities, and also so that employees do not feel alone.

2. Focus on the need you are going to solve

As we mentioned at the beginning, the objective of a company is to solve a need that arises in the market. For this, online market strategies that allow you to analyze the public you are going to address are very useful.

This should be your point of focus, you should strengthen yourself from there, try to focus the problem you are going to solve on large masses. This will allow your business to scale and be able to locate itself in the market. 

One of the most organized ways to focus on the need that you are going to solve is through digital strategies, they allow you to focus on your audience and help you grow in search engines to improve your visibility.

3. Integrate into large supply chains

This is an option if you are not thinking of being a store open to the public, this strategy is that you be a supplier of other stores, that is, that you manufacture products and sell them to large intermediaries, their growth will be evident in yours as well.

For example, if you are in the food industry, you can be a supplier to stores such as D1 or Justo and well, this implies constant work since these types of companies expand rapidly.

4. Have a good work team

Having a high-performance work team will allow you to hold meetings where ideas for innovation and business expansion will be formed. It is very important that they have experience in areas such as internationalization, digitalization or expansion of the company.

If the team does not have this experience, it is good that at least the leader of the meeting has experience and knows how to manage groups so that they can lead them and they can all progress together.

5. Innovation.

Innovation is the most important element of a company, because with it you will stay in the market and you will be able to grow in it.

This factor must always be present in the meetings you have with the board, they must become part of the company, all the members have to be thinking about what the next step for growth will be. Customers are a fundamental part of studying what the market wants.

When you innovate with a product of your company, the best way to show it or launch it to the public is through digital strategies, they will allow you to reach more people and increase the chances of getting more customers, in addition to being able to make yourself known on the internet and Increase your visibility in search engines. 

digital experiences

Digital experiences are driven by the needs of customers, they seek the satisfaction of their needs and this is a fundamental point for them to be interested in your website.

You must think of digital experiences as an important addition, that is, something that paper cannot provide. The client must feel comfortable on your website, they must feel that you have put yourself in their shoes and the page they are visiting is tailored to their needs.

The creation of digital experiences have characteristics that you cannot ignore, digital strategies and planning, user-centered design, high-level web development and hosting, maintenance and support, these will help you create a more efficient digital experience.

In conclusion, business growth will allow you to stay in the market and be stronger day by day, so it is very important that you are focused all the time and follow its steps carefully. Also, you should not forget that the digital experience is very important for customer satisfaction.

The digitization of your business is essential for business growth since it is the new medium by which most people move today. At Auladig we can help you with the Inbound Marketing of your business, so that you gain a good position in search engines.


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