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Make your brand visible and attract new customers, thanks to the acquisition of leads by Google ADS.

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What are leads?

In the world of digital marketing, leads are all those potential customers who have had previous contact with your brand, and more importantly, have shown some interest in purchasing your service or product.

It could be said that an ordinary user becomes a lead, at the moment in which he entrusts his personal data to the website of your company or business. Either under the premise of receiving some type of offer, making a subscription or for the simple fact of wanting to receive more information from you. 

Where do the leads go?

Both the leads and the personal information received from them are stored in a database, which will later serve to provide different products and opportunities to your potential customers.

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Why is it important to acquire leads?

Generating leads is a very important step to be able to acquire potential customers, who are unaware of your services or products. This is one of the processes that have the most influence when it comes to gaining visibility on your website, because the more leads you get, the more traffic you will have on your page and therefore the more people start to hear from you.

How to generate leads?

The lead generation process is governed by a series of rigorous steps, one of the most important being the development of a strategy that manages to attract visitors to a specific part of your website.

In order to generate leads effectively, it is important to take these steps into account:

  • Development of a strategy.
  • Implementation.
  • Creation of trust relationships.
  • Analysis of results.
  • Strategy evaluation.

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By what means can I generate leads?

Currently Google ADS is a highly recommended lead generator, as it is a tool that provides you with a large series of options, when carrying out your marketing strategy.


Where can I find a lead generator consultant?

At Auladig we have a large number of experts specialized in the use of Google ADS.

We have complete clarity to be able to successfully implement this type of tools in your business.

Let us be your right hand on this occasion.

If you want to know a little more about how the Google ADS lead generator works, check it out here. Google Ads

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What do we focus on?

At Auladig we have a great team of Designers, Programmers, Writers, among many other specialists, who are willing to help you in the lead generation process.

We have all the necessary tools to help you attract all those potential clients that are waiting for you.

If you want to know a little more about our projects

Check it here.

Lead Generator Benefits

  • Greater visibility.
  • Better web positioning.
  • Acquisition of new clients.
  • Increase in sales.
  • Increase in website traffic.

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Why Hire an Agency specialized in lead generator like Auladig?

At Auladig we have a great team of experts in the field of lead generation.

To this day we have had the opportunity to be part of more than 600 projects like yours.

We have everything necessary to be your right hand in this process, we are aware of what we have to do and how to do it well.

Make us part of your project!

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Our SEO agency gives you your first Consultation completely Free. 

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One of the most recommended strategies to attract potential customers who are willing to purchase your products is lead acquisition.

Hand in hand with the right tools, lead acquisition will be the solution to all your problems.

A lead is a potential customer who has shown interest in consuming your product or service.

The Google ADS lead generator is one of the most efficient tools in the digital market.

At Auladig we have a series of professionals who are willing to advise you throughout this process.

Through lead generation, you will have the opportunity to significantly increase customer traffic for your business or company.

Do you still have doubts about Google ADS as a led generator?

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