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How to add a place on Google Maps?

Surely close to you and your company there are potential clients, eager to learn about companies like yours and to acquire products like the ones you sell... However, if they do not know that you and your company exist and that you are also in a nearby area, it will be very difficult for them to contact you or to buy what you offer. A valuable tool that increases the visibility of companies on the Internet is Google Maps. So today we will tell you how to add a place on Google Maps, what advantages it brings you and how it can help your business grow.

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how to add a place on google maps

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All you have to do is look in the Google Maps app to see how many companies have decided to offer their location online. Appearing on Google Maps literally means being on the map. Imagine the number of people near you who can find your business just by searching for a keyword on Google Maps. But how can you get the most out of Google Maps? To find out, you need to know what exactly Google Maps is and how it works.

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What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is an online map application server. In other words, is a geolocation service, search for specific locations, using a virtual map in which the urban dispositions of the streets are drawn up exactly and -what is really important to you- where shops, businesses and companies are located.

Google Maps is a very powerful tool for businesses, especially for small and medium-sized ones, that seek to grow their commercial and productive activity. This is thanks to the fact that Google Maps can be linked and synchronized with Google My Business, which further enhances the positive impact of your company on the Internet.

On the other hand, you should know that Google Maps inspires confidence in people, and that you can take advantage of that confidence. When you feel lost, or don't know exactly where it is or how to get to a place, you turn to Google Maps, right? This fact has produced a significant psychological impact: we believe -and almost always rightly- that a place that appears on Google Maps is real, and that we can reach it.

How does Google Maps work?

This tool consists of a map, complemented by satellite and 3D perspectives, which offers very complete and detailed views of the cities. It has the tool streetview, which shows an immersive photo reconstruction of almost anywhere on the map. But what interests us is that your company can be located on this map, or any place, through a procedure that we will tell you in detail later.

Before I tell you how to add a place to Google Maps, you should know that Google Maps is basically powered by people like you. SIt feeds on the information that people deposit there daily. Information concerning places of interest, such as museums, art galleries, or businesses, such as clothing stores, restaurants, or any type of business. So it is vital to give truthful information about your business, to also increase trust.

This information that is always being provided has to be evaluated and verified by the Google Maps technical team. Thus, you can claim the location of your business or company on Google. You can also connect through Google My Business to take full advantage of the benefits of having a well-positioned presence on the Internet.

How to add a place on Google Maps?

Now, adding a place on Google Maps should not be a complicated or time-consuming task. On the contrary, it is a really simple, easy and fast procedure.

You can do it in two ways: from the Web from Google Maps or from the apps from Google Maps.

In both options, at the end, you will send the information and Google Maps will verify it.

How to add a place in Google Maps from the Web?

You must enter google maps

Once there, you must place the place you want to add to Google Maps on the map. You need to do it accurately, so it is recommended that you enter the exact address and, if you wish, use the tool streetview so that you have greater certainty about the place.

Once you are sure of the location, right click to bring up the menu of available options.

From the available options, choose “Add a place”.

(Google Maps also gives you the option to “Add your business”. This option will redirect you to the Google My Business page. However, if you just want to add a place, you don't need to go to Google My Business)

Well, now that you have selected the option "Add a place" you have to fill out a small form that asks you for the following information:

  • Name of the place
  • Category (i.e., in general terms, what the place does: for example, food, services, lodging, office, etc.)
  • Address
  • A brief description of where it is located. Here think about how to tell your customers how they can find you easily.
  • Schedule
  • Contact information such as telephone and website.
  • You can attach photos of the place. It is recommended that you take advantage of this option, as they will be photographs that your potential customers will see.

Finally, you must click on "Send". It is possible that Google Maps already has that place registered, with the name you are giving it. In this case, you must confirm that the same site is indeed the one you are trying to add. And that's it, you must wait for a confirmation email and you will have added a place to Google Maps.

How to add a place on Google Maps from the App?

First you must enter the Google Maps App.

Being there, you must place yourself in the place you want to add. You do it by holding down the corresponding place that is on the screen until a marker appears on the map.

Some options will be displayed. You must choose the one that says “Add a missing site”.

At that point, a short form will pop up. There you must fill in the following information:

  • Name of the place.
  • Category.
  • Address.
  • A brief description of where it is located.
  • Schedule.
  • Contact information such as telephone and website.
  • You can attach photos of the place. It is recommended that you take advantage of this option, as they will be photographs that your potential customers will see.

It is important that all the information you enter is real and true. This will help the place you add inspire more confidence. In addition, you offer your potential clients the possibility of getting closer to your company virtually.

Finally, as with the method of adding a place through the Google Maps Web, you must click on "Send". Google Maps may also detect a place with the same name you entered. In such a case, please confirm whether it is the same; if it is, click "Send Anyway."

Now you know how to add a place on Google Maps. You already have a valuable tool, and learning to use it will mean optimizing your company's sales cycle, as well as attracting new customers.

If you are looking to position your company Online, and have questions about it, advise us. We offer you a specialized service, expressly designed for the commercial needs of your company.


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