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How to put two addresses in Google My Business

how to put two addresses in google my business

A company, store or business that does not have an Internet presence is certainly at a disadvantage compared to those that do. A business profile in Google My Business is the possibility of positioning your company in a local instance. Its advantages, as we have already seen in other places, are many; and yet it is always possible to optimize them. If, for example, your establishment has two (or even more) addresses, you can take advantage of it to make your company more visible. So today we will teach you how to put two addresses in Google My Business.

When you ask yourself "How to put two addresses in Google My Business?" Actually, you're wondering "How do I make the different branches of my business visible?" And the answer to both questions is simple: creating a Google My Business tab for each branch.

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If you have two branches, and since putting two addresses in Google My Business is a procedure that guarantees that the different locations are visible locally, you have to create a token for each one. If you want to know how to put two addresses in Google My Business, you must be clear about what Google My Business is. So let's give it a brief review.

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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool for companies (large, medium or small) to have the possibility of boosting their commercial activity by positioning their brand on the Internet. Knowing how to handle it properly –what it means to implement SEO and Digital Marketing strategies- A Google My Business profile offers tremendous benefits.

The advantages, which you will be able to know in detail here, can only be possible if you provide Google My Business with true and detailed information about your business activity. And a crucial point of this information has to do with the exact location of your company or store and its different branches.

You should know that Google My Business, as the valuable tool that it is, take advantage of the location of both a branch of your company and potential customers who perform searches related to your business activity, either in the Google search engine or in Google Maps.

In this way, the location plays a fundamental role in SEO positioning and, consequently, in Digital Marketing. So let's dive into this aspect of Google My Business: location.

What is the use of putting addresses in Google My Business?

As we anticipated, location is essential for Google to show what your company does (what products it sells or what services it provides) to whoever is nearby and, therefore, becomes a potential customer. How? Google has access to accurate information about where your business is.

Keep in mind that Google My Business is linked to Google Maps, so the customer can access Google Maps and, in a matter of seconds, go virtually to your store location or ask for directions.

On the other hand, since mobile devices have a GPS system, they provide Google with information about their location. Thus, every time someone enters something in which they are interested in the Google search engine (that is, a product or a service), the results that Google returns are the ones that would best suit them. In other words, the ones that are closest or best positioned are in terms of SEO.

So, for your company, store or business listing to have a better chance of appearing in the first Google search results (and consequently have a better chance of attracting new customers), You must pay special attention to specify the exact address of your store; or, if applicable, of each of its branches.

What to do if your store, company or business has several branches?

Although small and medium-sized companies usually have only one branch, it is likely that their growth will be such that they will soon have the possibility of opening a new headquarters. Thus, new doors are opened, because with two offices of your company the number of sales opportunities is multiplied. In such a case, it is necessary for your Google My Business profile to be updated.

Because, although having more than one physical office represents enormous advantages in commercial terms, these advantages can be enhanced through Google My Business. It is possible that in your Google My Business profile you put two addresses of two different offices; in fact, it is what you should do.

It's easy to do. From the same Google My Business profile you can generate two files for two different branches. Actually, you can spawn two, or three, or tens. It is the same procedure, regardless of the number of branches.

Keep in mind that it is not recommended to generate the records of too many branches at the same time. Why? Because even if there are such branches, it is a very suspicious procedure; and Google might think it's a suspicious strategy, they may consider it spam.

How to put two addresses in Google My Business?

Obviously you have to have a Google My Business profile. Here we explain how to create it, if you don't have it yet. After you have completed the verification process, you are ready to start entering two addresses (and even more, if applicable).

There are two methods to do it.

Directly adding the address

  • You have to have a verified profile in Google My Business, whose email is available to you.
  • Enter your profile, there must already be at least one registered location in it (of course, as long as you have registered your company with a real address when creating it).
  • In your profile, look for the option “Create location group”.
    Give such a group a name so that you can identify it.
  • Select the group you created and look for the “Add locations” option. Select it.
  • Search for the name of your company with the second address, as the location you intend to add may already be registered in another file.
  • You must add it. Request access if necessary.
  • Done, you must wait for it to be verified.

Downloading an Excel spreadsheet.

This second method, as you will see, is even simpler. It involves downloading, editing, and reloading an Excel spreadsheet for Google to evaluate the new address information. But where do you find that excel sheet?

  • Well, you have to access your Google My Business profile; go to the “Create location group” option, name it, just as you would in the first method.
  • When you select the "Add Location" option, instead of looking for your business name, look for the "Import Locations" option; then select “Download template”.
  • You will immediately need to start downloading an Excel spreadsheet. This is the sheet you should edit. You must fill it with a lot of data, but don't worry, it is sure that you have it at hand.
  • You must provide basic information: the name of the company, the new address, the category (that is, the type of commercial activity), city, hours, and payment methods, etc.
  • Once you have successfully edited the Excel sheet, you must upload it again. And that's it, you just have to wait for Google to process that information and your Google My Business profile has two locations.
  • You should know that this method has two enormous advantages: the first, that you can add more than two locations at a time (but keep in mind that you should not upload too many, as Google could interpret this action as a bad strategy); and second: you can easily and quickly edit the information you provide about the sections or branches of your company.

As you have seen, to position your company online you need to provide true and first-hand information. The location, for example, is an essential piece of information. Remember that at Auladig we have an experienced team in the world of Digital Marketing. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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