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How to sell through social networks 2022

We have to accept that social networks are part of our daily life. Every day people between 16 and 29 years old spend an average of 3 hours a day on social networks, and adults between 45 and 54 an average of 1 hour and 39 every day, where Facebook and Instagram lead the time dedicated to social networks . This is exposed in the strengthening of the use of social networks in sales. That is why companies as positioned and visible as Coca-Cola spend a considerable part to focus on digital marketing strategy in social networks because they ensure that those who follow them on social networks are 10 times more likely to consume their products than those who do not. follow.

So, if you want to know how to sell through social networks in 2022, this text is for you, take note. I will give you the 8 best tips for you to start selling on social networks, and your sales grow exponentially, using the web assertively and conveniently.

1. Choose the right social network

You cannot think that all social networks are going to serve you to sell your products or services, you must ask yourself, what social networks are appropriate for my business, because each social network is different and therefore attracts different audiences. For example, Instagram, Tik Tok, and other applications that are dedicated to uploading more images and videos, tend to attract a younger audience. On the contrary, Twitter is more of an opinion social network, therefore it tends to attract not so young audiences.

That is why, a study of data that indicates which public is the one that visits certain platforms the most, will help you choose the best social network, according to the people to whom you want to direct your products or services. In addition, some tools allow you to know not only age, but sex, lifestyle, social status, or what a certain population of people spends the most, also knowing at what times and on which days your audience is most active, to have a better management of that social network when uploading content and attracting them. And you can think big knowing where in the world they might be interested in what you want to sell, which will allow you to expand.

2. Have a presence on social networks

Having a presence in networks does not simply mean being in them, it means that your company or brand profile must have an activity that keeps people interested. This can be achieved by generating interesting and original content that connects you with the audience you want and keeping them engaged longer, which translates into a greater possibility of purchase. For this, content marketing strategies or < <inboundmarketing>>.

3. Create value

Be interactive in your networks and generate value, that is, provide the user with content that places your brand in differentiating it from the rest of your competition's brands. Be very creative, not only showing what you sell, you must give a plus, such as, for example, advice on those items, if your brand is makeup you have entertaining content where you show how to use your products.

4. Encourage testimonials

The 92% of people according to a global survey, read the opinions of customers when they are thinking of buying a product or service for the first time. And this is because the reviews, comments, likes, tags or stars of other people are considered more authentic and reliable than the advertising of the brand itself that people see daily. Use that to your advantage and encourage testimonials, creating promotions, raffles or contests in which they tag you or share their opinion when you see a customer satisfied with their product.

But it is also important that you are aware of bad reviews to respond quickly to complaints, taking advantage of feedback to improve, do not take anything for granted!

5. Incorporate the website with social networks

Social networks are a great tool to interact in a familiar and friendly way with buyers or potential buyers, however, it is important to have a website of your brand where the information of your products is, from the value to the rest of the specifications. , but also where it is easy to buy directly without many detours or intermediaries. So, it must be an important union, where your website is present in your social networks.

6. Quick reply

For the same reason that social networks are a means of boosting sales, it is for the same reason that you must pay great care to them. Because many other brands and companies will be there willing to serve customers, then there is a probability of 25% to 50% of closing a sale if you are the first provider to answer the user's query.  

On Facebook, it is estimated that an average user expects a response within 40 minutes of the query, so attention must be quick if you really want to be successful and retain customers.

7. Establish the call to action well.

When you have good content and you start hooking people to it, the crucial moment is to move from that to a sale. The call to action refers to a button, tab or something visible that makes the person go there to buy your product. This call to action must be clear and simple, something simple like adding the "buy" tab below the video that you uploaded on Instagram, where you can find what you need to buy when you slide. Although it can be as creative as you can, hooking him up with little, so that curiosity allows him to go where he wants to later buy, for example, something that says "know more."

8. Build dialogues with your customers

The possibilities you have in social networks are not limited, therefore, do not limit yourself exclusively to making entertaining content, you must go further and have a role of close interaction with your customers, for example, answering their questions and comments, showing them more than you and your motivations to sell your products. Get into the role of community, think that your customers are part of it. This will build trust and you will be present with them every time they want to make a purchase. Taking care of that relationship, your sales will undoubtedly increase.

In conclusion, if you think that you have been missing the great innovation of sales through social networks, it is time that you start doing everything to enter this world in the most successful way. For this our advice will be very valuable, we can take you through a path of experience and personalized advice, according to your own interests. You deserve to have the best tools to increase and grow exponentially with your brand. Count on us.


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