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"We have specialized in different digital tools, with the aim of putting at your disposal the best alternatives to implement in your organization"


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Technical direction

Andrés Monje Valero Engineer from the University of the Andes
Arrangement and application of digital tools. "I guide you in the development of your website, and in the efficient use of existing digital applications."
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Commercial direction

Juan Camilo Monje Valero Engineer from the National University of Colombia.
Inbound marketing, google ADS and customer relationship management (CRM). "I advise you on the design of your business scheme, starting with the construction of a disruptive sales funnel."
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Administrative Direction

Valentina Pulgarín Orozco Engineer from the National University of Colombia
Digital advertising and web design. "I help you in building your corporate identity, to bring an assertive message to your audience."
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They are also part of the team

Alejandro Muños Auladig 3

Alexander Munoz

HTML and CSS developer

Andrea Cerquera Classroom 2

Andrea Cerquera

WEB-SEO Designer


Julian Quintero Henao

Paid Media Manager

Santiago Auladig 2

Santiago Monk

Administrative Assistant

Sara loaiza

Sara loaiza

Copywriter-E-mail Marketing

Camila Auladig

Camila Cosentino

Marketing Leader

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