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Lead generation: 5 keys to find clients on the internet

Lead generation: 5 keys to find clients on the internet

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For this blog we bring lead generation 5 keys to find customers on the internet. It has to do with attracting potential customers and people who are interested in your product or service who are likely to be a buyer of it.  


Having leads is one of the most important functions of a social media profile for any brand, as it will help collect data from people who are interested in your business.

What is the lead?

A Lead can be understood as any information collected about a potential customer. This could be primarily an email, a contact number, then you can acquire other details about the relevant audience, such as age or occupation. 

Will all my Leads be customers?

Better target your audience  and provide them with relevant information,  it helps himbring potential customers, but nor all users who enter the sales funnel necessarily become customers. 

In fact, it's important to scan your potential customer database so that you can target as much sales information as possible to your ideal customer or buyer, and not to the person who isn't interested.

Keep in mind the various techniques for obtaining a highly effective lead database, and understand that only about one percent of that database will ever convert into customers. 

One of the goals of every sales and marketing strategist and professional is to convert as many potential customers as possible, so they can increase sales. 


1. Have good value content

In general, in digital marketing communication with potential customers is maintained through email, thanks to a good email marketing strategy.

Shared content should provide customers with useful and engaging information and services that lead them to purchase a different product or service. Value content should relate to buyers' problems, needs, and wants.

Once we have successfully obtained leads, we must provide valuable content that justifies your decision to transfer the data. Therefore, it is important to provide high-quality content on the topic that future buyers are interested in and why they came here.

2. Have a Smart Online structure

To increase the sales of your business, it is not enough to have a page, as this does not necessarily represent any utility. A company's website should be an effective marketing tool to effectively promote its product or service.

Smart online structure is a set of tools that work to attract ideal customers and convert them into leads, followed by buying customers and loyal customers at the end.

To effectively promote your product or service, you need to create a smart online structure that attracts customers. For this I leave you some of the most important characteristics:

  1. Have a blog: Posting valuable information will help your Leads solve problems and direct them to buy your products/services.
  2. Web traffic analysis. It gives you data to analyze what's happening on your site, fix bugs, and improve what works.
  3. Have social networks. They are effective in building a community of followers for a brand, service or product and directing them to your website
  4. Use advertising to generate traffic. It is very effective because you can get a very high rate of return on investment.

3. You must be patient, the products do not work the same with the same formula

Not all types of online projects are the same, there are many factors to consider. The strategy for converting leads into customers will not be the same as in an online computer store with 10,000 products, where segmentation is more complex than software in the cloud, where the only objective of your prospects is to sign up or hire a plan. premium.

Therefore, it is necessary to align your sales strategy and follow the steps to implement the action plan according to the characteristics of your brand, product or service, the nature of the buyer person and the call to action.

The higher the price of your product or service, the more value you need to provide in your initial interactions with potential customers.

4. Generate incentives as marketing strategies

Create a sense of need, urgency and scarcity, for example: if you have a discount for a stipulated time, you can easily get instant sales because customers will know that the discount will end soon. 

Also, you should take full advantage of social networks, generating sweepstakes, raffles and advertising through people who create related content.

5. Show testimonials of your products

Seeing testimonials from customers who have purchased your product or service believes that the better known the person who buys it, the more positively it will affect your potential customers.

The purpose of customer testimonials and reviews, displayed on your business website, is to help your potential customers decide whether to hire a service or purchase a product. The good thing is that these are real testimonials, as this will help build more trust with your potential customers.

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