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Marketing strategies for educational centers

marketing strategies for educational centers

Since the invention of the internet, Marketing has mutated into a new way of doing, living and delivering advertising, information and reaching new potential customers.

Digital media allow us to create more personalized Marketing strategies adapted to each client, measurable and more affordable to different budgets.

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Educational Marketing

Educational marketing is here to stay, boost the growth and quality of your school with the right digital marketing strategy, we help you create and develop it.

Main marketing strategies for educational centers

Once the study of the specific conditions and needs of the institution is done, we must develop a marketing plan for the educational center. 

In this plan, the actions to be implemented must be defined according to the analysis madeHere we leave you some of the main actions that could be applied:

Creation of a detailed and versatile web page.

Having the possibility of registering and sending payments through digital means will be a benefit for all parts of the school community. 

Parents may do so from the comfort of their home or office at the time that is most appropriate for each one and, in turn, the institution should not have additional staff to attend to these activities.

Being able to know the qualifications of the evaluations carried out, the evaluations or upcoming projects to be carried out, as well as the behavior and attendance of the smallest members of the household.

This will undoubtedly make many parents want their family to become part of your school. Currently this is one of the more effective marketing strategies for educational centers.

You must be in the digital world in all areas, create and develop your website to manage all the requests, also have a suitable platform for the completion of the tasks assigned to the students for the home.

Loyalty of the families that make up the community.

We must take into account that they are not only our students, as a family group they are also our clients, so we must take care and take into account marketing premises in general.

In the marketing for educational centerss attracting a new student or client is ten times more expensive than creating the right conditions to retain those who are already part of the school.

You should always attend to the requests or recommendations made by the students or families of the school. 

Many times we see the operation of the school only from our point of view, this is a mistake, you should always listen to all opinions and create strategies to apply those that can improve the institution.

Be prepared for contingencies and show these plans to the school community.

The pandemic and confinement that we have experienced in recent years due to Covid-19 showed us that we must be prepared for the appearance of events that break our planning. 

That parents know that your institution is adapted to this type of situation, that it is capable of continuing to function despite external agents, either in person or by digital means.

Creation of valuable content for the blog of the website. (organic SEO)

Publishing valuable content is one of the most important aspects of educational marketing. Content must be created for all audience members of the community, parents and students.

The creation of content must be created by a specialist, so that the articles cause interest, are read and shared among students and parents of the school community, and even with people outside of it.

This marketing strategy for educational centers should be a pillar within your actions to keep and get new students.

The content creation It must be of the highest quality and value, constant and always updated, if you comply with this, many of the parents and students will be waiting for your publications to read them. 

Creation and strengthening of the institution as a brand through events and workshops promoted through digital advertising.

Emotions are an important part of any purchasing process, regardless of the area, so it is important to carry out activities that grow the connection between families and the school.

Parents, students and members of the educational center must feel part of it, a single family, these events can be face-to-face and/or digital events.

Whatever format you decide to use, being present on the digital plane is essential and will be a great advantage that will allow you to make the event known through your website or with digital marketing.

You will be able to reach a larger and more specific audience, with which you will be able to generate new registrations and thus grow the institution and its income.

Therefore, digital advertising through web pages, Facebook, Instagram, among others, is another marketing strategy for educational centers that must be applied.

Create ads on Google with Google ads, on Facebook ads or LinkedIn, you must reach parents and students who still do not live in your institution and thus they will be informed of all the advantages that your institution offers.

The dates of the events aimed at attracting new students must be defined, whether they are workshops, sporting events or other, they must be months before the new beginning of each school year.

Local SEO

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Local, is part of the work that is done in the Google Company Profile tab, this point is of great importance since for example.

It will allow people who have heard about your school but aren't sure where it is or if it's what they think it is, to google to get all the details, photos and services uploaded to your profile.

The profile must be filled out correctly in order to provide complete information to all users who search for us on google and want to reach our address.

Imagine a family that moves to a new area of the city and wants to know which are the schools that are closest to their new residence or work.

In addition through the local SEO it is possible to obtain recommendations from families, parents and students where they can leave their comments and recommendations.

In addition to being free and public, it is one of the most important aspects when people want to know the reputation of an institution or business, we assure you that you will obtain excellent results. 

We invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our advisors, we have a team of trained professionals to help you carry out the study that allows you to create the marketing strategy for your educational center.


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