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Mark Zuckerberg has put his entire staff to work for the new giant of the social internet, the Facebook Metaverse. Zuckerberg will make an investment of 10 billion dollars for the construction of virtual reality helmets and the virtual environment so that Facebook Reality is a reality. Do you want to know more about the new Facebook metaverse? Continue reading

In this blog I will tell you where the word comes from, what it is, what it consists of, how it works, how the economy will be managed and why psychologists fear the metaverse.

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Where does the word Metaverse come from?

It was used for the first time in a science fiction novel called Snow Crash created by Neal Stephenson in 1992, this word in the story refers to a virtual plane parallel to the real world where we can interact with more people thanks to the convergence of our own tangible reality, that is, thanks to the meeting of two points that start in different places and converge in one. 

Zuckerberg decided to call his new creation that because he says that it will do very similar to what was developed in the comic.

What is the metaverse or metauniverse?

The metaverse is a virtual environment that can be manifested in the next generation of the internet where you can interact with each other and with virtual objects, representing yourself with avatars that you create, this is an immersive and multisensory experience that will take place through technological developments in which several companies are working, mainly Facebook and Microsoft.

What does it consist of?

The metaverse will be a platform where when you log in and program your avatar you will be able to interact with people from different parts of the world, having a more natural experience at the time of doing so, you will be able to exercise, work, go out of appointments among other activities that are already carried out. in a virtual way but without virtual or augmented reality.

A plus of the metaverse is that even if no one connects, it will continue to work, since they are focusing on increasing the sensation of parallel reality.

How will the metaverse work?

The Metaverse is a world that will work with various virtual environments where you can share with people who are not in the same physical space as you. 

This new form of interaction is aimed at improving the user experience, so that you can interact in a more natural way then you can give directions through gestures and interact with others, for this reason virtual reality will be required.

The metaverse aims to resemble the real world as much as possible, so it tries to function like the real world, there you can work, study, go shopping, among other things that you do in reality.

Economy in the Metaverse?

When the metaverse is working, it will be possible to sell digital and physical items that will be verified through NFT, Mark Zuckerberg will start selling digital outfits to start an internal economy, the currency will be the cryptocurrencies that he is developing, the outfits will be to customize the avatars already As the metaverse grows, people will be able to sell products and services in this virtual reality, which will be a new possibility to rent more from your business.

The new economy of the Metaverse will open the doors to companies looking to expand around the world.

In this platform you will be able to make yourself known in different markets, since it is foreseen that people from all over the world communicate and interact with each other and that this experience is so similar to reality that when you buy a product or service, people have a very good knowledge. close to reality about its size and appearance 

So if you buy a shirt you can measure the shirt and know that it will fit you. This will be very timely for your company because they will be able to get loyal customers to what you offer. This is your opportunity to expand your business on a large scale, you will be able to increase your recognition, positioning and sales in this new platform that will be launched by Facebook.


Possible affectations of the Metaverse which are warned from psychology

Technology gives us many good things and many things that when used badly become harmful, it all depends on how we use them. 

Society has not taught children and young people to control their desires and impulses for this reason when they like something they consume it until they create an addiction, gamers can be an example of this, they are young people who spend more than 4 hours a day playing and socializing with others, so when they live their daily life or their real world this does not seem so attractive.

With the Metaverse something similar will happen, people will create as they want to be and not as they really are, they will create lives and will have objects that will give them an image of themselves that will most certainly not respond to the 100% with their true physical and psychic identity.

 Therefore, this world will allow them to compensate for their shortcomings which will very surely influence the time that people stay there, influencing the sense of reality that each human being must build and maintain for their psychic balance, and altering through This technology is the way human interaction will be experienced, since human beings as social beings require the presence of the other to learn and relearn many things in our lives.

The Metaverse can also have a good side that from psychology and with the conduct of research, studies and alternative therapies allow the care of patients with different types of disorders, thus helping humanity.

In conclusion, we can say that the world that Mark Zuckerberg created will be innovative and full of new opportunities to explore, the Metaverse will bring us closer to new cultures and places that we have not been able to visit physically, in addition to creating a totally new economic system that works with cryptocurrencies. , where virtual and physical products can be sold, there a world of possibilities opens up for merchants in this area. Tell me what your expectations are with the Facebook Metaverse.

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