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On-site and off-site SEO

To begin with, we must bear in mind that SEO is divided into two large blocks. Being these the SEO On page and the SEO Off page.

Each one of these blocks develops a different functionality, being the SEO On page that accumulation of strategies and optimizations that can be done internally on our website, and the SEO Off page takes center stage with all the actions that are carried out outside of our domain. 

In the case of SEO On page, some of the things that can be done are; 

Optimization of the website, maintenance of the codes, care of the architecture of the page, among other processes.

On the other hand, Off-page SEO focuses mainly on carrying out measures such as backlink, which in a few words is based on the creation of links that start from our website and have a different internet page as their destination.

These two types of SEO together seek to guarantee greater facilities when it comes to making your web page visible, positioning it in the top positions of search engines. 

On page seo services

What influences On page SEO?

You have all the possibilities in your hands

The proper implementation of On page SEO has repercussions mainly on two factors:


We provide Google with certain facilities that will help you fully understand our website, while also helping with the crawling and indexing process. 

Getting our page to be positioned in the top of the search engines.

user experience

The website is constantly evolving with the aim of progressively improving its quality, this allows the user experience to be more satisfactory because it responds to the user's search intention.


On-page SEO optimization

In order to show good results in the application of SEO On page it is important to take into account the following aspects:

Information structure

In this section, special reference is made to the maintenance of the web code, since by having a clean code, it will make it possible for the user and the robot sent by the search engine to find the information more easily, thus contributing way to the indexing of the web.  

It should be noted that the robot does not have the possibility of seeing and analyzing the pages in the way that we do, since it is based on a "language" of source codes, a language that adopts the name of HTML.

Information architecture

It is vital to have a good internal link structure, otherwise there will be broken links hanging around our page, which would have repercussions, since such errors would make both potential users and search engine bots choose not to enter to our domain.

charging speed

Another detail to take into account is the speed of the server.

Since a web page that takes time to respond or that has long loading periods will not be appealing to the user or to the crawler robot.


It is important to make sure that the web page has a design that adapts to the responsive format, which in a nutshell is an adequate adaptability of the page on different devices, both computers and cell phones. 

On page seo services

Other implications of On-page SEO

SEO On page brings together a large series of variables to work with, variables that are controlled directly from within the web page, some of which are:

content size

In this particular case, the size of the content tends to have a considerable impact on the positioning of the web. This happens because algorithms and search engines interpret long content as complete and detailed content.

Volume of publications

The volume of the publications have great importance in the positioning of your website, because in the end, the more content you publish, the more likely that search engines can find you.

content quality

It is important to bear in mind that it is not enough to have a large amount of content if it is of low quality, it is preferable to reduce production in order to guarantee a quality that can respond to the intentions and needs of the user.

on page seo services

What do we focus on?

At Auladig we have a great work team made up of a series of specialists in everything related to SEO and its applications. 

Each of them is prepared and willing to help you take control of your website, and through the proper application of SEO On page strategies, to reach the top of the search results.  

If you are interested in knowing a little more about our work.

Check it here. 

Benefits of On-page SEO

  • Greater visibility.
  • Higher traffic.
  • Getting a friendly URL
  • Functional internal links.
  • Improvement in the performance of the web page.
  • Increased indexing.
  • Higher quality of content.

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Why Hire an Agency specialized in On-page SEO?

Here at Auladig we are completely willing to help you in everything you need, as we have had the opportunity to have extensive experience in projects similar to yours.

We carry with us a history of more than 600 projects in 10 Spanish-speaking countries. Where we managed to successfully apply each and every one of our knowledge in SEO On page, so that each project in which we have participated has been able to meet that goal of being number one.

We are ready to start as soon as possible on your way to the top of the search results.

Make us part of your project!

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Our SEO agency gives you your first Consultation completely Free. 

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The most effective way to achieve good positioning in Google is to dedicate yourself judiciously to the proper application of all the strategies related to SEO On page and SEO Off page.

Here at Auladig we believe that these factors can be quite useful for you to get started.

Search and select the ideal keywords
Optimize the title and description of your page
Create friendly URLs
Optimize header tags with keywords
Create quality and optimized content
Submit a sitemap of your content to Google
Optimize loading speed

In order to have good visibility in search engines it is important that your content is of quality. 

On the other hand, Google's algorithms interpret that the more extensive the content of your web page, the more complex that content is.

It is suggested that when you create your content, it exceeds 800 words to have more chances of positioning yourself.

HTML is a markup language for displaying data in the browser.

We could say that a semantic html is based on a document that correctly uses the new html tags so that its final structure makes sense by itself.

Do you still have doubts about SEO On page?

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