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google ads specialist

What is a Google Ads specialist?

Google ADS specialists characterize ourselves as professionals who are passionate about the digital medium, we are very analytical and strategists when implementing a campaign.

We are characterized by:

  • Be certified directly with Google in the management of the platform and all its functionalities.
  • Being on the Google Partner list.
  • Having managed campaigns with high budgets.
  • Have successful results endorsed by our clients.

Why do you need a Google Ads specialist?

If you have ever wondered what you have to do to get more people to know about your website, Google ADS is the solution. This platform gives you all the tools you need to meet it in the short term.

However, in order to properly manage this platform, high knowledge and a great track record managing high-value campaigns are required. 

A Google ADS specialist can be your best ally, since having one of these professionals in your work team guarantees the frequent entry of new potential clients while you cYou will meet a person who knows all the processes that can be carried out to make you visible.

In digital classroom, we have the best Google ADS specialists you can find, If you allow us to be your right hand, you can be sure that your company will have a large number of benefits.

Juan Camilo

google ads consultant

Juan Camilo Monje


My name is Juan Camilo, I am an engineer; I have had the opportunity to create together with my two partners a SEO and SEM agency that has helped many companies around the world to position themselves digitally. I have particularly specialized in optimizing campaigns in the Google ADS network (Search, Display and Shopping).

I currently have more than 5 years of experience as a Google ADS specialist for different companies in Colombia, Latin America, the United States and some European countries. Throughout these years I have dedicated myself mainly to leading all kinds of companies and brands to achieve and exceed their business objectives.

Let me be your right hand in this digital journey. 

Expert in Google ads

What does a Google Ads specialist do?

Once we get down to work, I will fully dedicate myself to the development of the following tasks:

  • Diagnosis of the Google ADS account.
  • Definition of the structure of the landing that will be used for the campaigns.
  • Collection of vital data for the development of a campaign. (Approach, objectives, market analysis, etc).
  • Realization of campaign strategies.
  • Campaign launch.
  • Periodic optimization of active campaigns.
  • Preparation of results reports.
  • Evaluation of active campaigns.
  • Complementation of campaigns through other digital media.

Our experience

We are an SEO and SEM agency specialized in managing the tools provided by Google.  We have a great team of professionals certified in the management of the platform, today we have in our history more than 600 successful projects throughout more than 10 countries around the world. 

Experts in Google ads

Approaches and certifications

We are a company that is made up of certified experts in the use and correct implementation of the tools provided by Google ADS. We offer advice and consultancies to companies, businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to increase their sales. If you want to know more about our products you can press the following button.

Google Ads app campaigns
Google Ads measurement
shopping ads
Google Ad Display
Google Ads Search Campaigns

seo consultant

Work team

In Aula Digital we have a series of specialists in everything related to SEO and web positioning, each of the members of our team is completely willing to help you in everything you need.


Julian Quintero Henao

Paid Media Manager

Hello! I am Julián Quintero, I am a graduate of industrial engineering. I have had the opportunity to study a second language, referring in this case specifically to English, where I have a certified level of C1, learning this second language has given me the opportunity to extend my possibilities throughout the entire market, something that can be of help when we dedicate ourselves to the work of your website.

On the other hand, I would like to highlight that I am extremely involved in everything that is related to the management of Google ADS. I currently have more than 3 years of experience as a Google ADS area leader, during which time I have had the opportunity to discover everything that companies like yours may need to reach the top of the search engines.  

Activities within the company

As an area leader in Google ADS I am dedicated to developing the following tasks:

  • Account Optimization
  • Establishment of customer marketing strategies.
  • Supervision of compliance with the budgets of advertising campaigns.
  • Overseeing the creation of effective ads and campaigns.
  • Ongoing communication with clients regarding Google ADS campaigns.

Isabela Loaiza Salazar

Paid Media Manager

Hello! My name is Isabela Loaiza, I am currently a graduate of Industrial Engineering, and I would like to tell you that today I am immersed in the study of logistics and supply chains.

At this moment I have more than 2 years of experience as a specialist in everything related to E-commerce with Google shopping, merchant center, Google tag Manager and Google ADS.

I am ready to help you in everything you may need.

Activities within the company
As a leader in the E-Commers area, I perform the following tasks:
  • Adequate handling of E – Commers strategies.
  • Merchant center leader.
  • Google tag manager.
  • Adviser on everything related to Google ADS.

Kara Isabella Cristian Quintero

Google Ads Copywriter

Hello! My name is Kara Isabella, I am currently a Modern Languages student at the University of Caldas. It could be said that I have a notable interest in learning different languages, at this moment I have a certified C1 level of English and a B2 level of French.

However, I would like to tell you that I have been able to focus on a large number of areas outside my main field of study, one of which takes place in everything related to the commercial field through digital media.

I have more than 2 years of experience as a Google ADS Copywriter, during which time I have had the opportunity to get hold of all the necessary tools and knowledge to be able to advise you and together make your brand visible.

Activities within the company
As Copywriter I perform the following tasks:
  • Commercial freelancer.
  • Research prior to the needs of the brand or company.
  • Redaction of the content by Google ADS.
  • Optimization of active Google ADS campaigns.

Some of our customers

What do our customers say?

Based 7 reviews
Enrique Torres Torres E
Enrique Torres Torres E
Good service and accompaniment. Everything is developing according to the expectations set.
Super service excellent experience with my website very friendly 10 out of 10
Gloria Cifuentes
Gloria Cifuentes
Those who work there are very professional people with excellent warmth. It is a very serious and competent company, I love working with them, because I feel that they are interested in my business as I am.
MediaCares SAS
MediaCares SAS
Very good service, constant support, compliance with the times, they developed a beautiful One page Thank you!
Marcela Venegas
Marcela Venegas
I loved how the ecommerce of my brand turned out, I highly recommend them
Santiago Zapata Ceballos
Santiago Zapata Ceballos
They are a very organized company and comply with the delivery periods of the products

Frequent questions

Anytime is a good time to acquire a Google ADS expert.

Either when you are redesigning your website, when you are about to create a new one or when you see yourself with an already established one.

Going to a Google ADS expert will never be a bad investment.

At Auladig we can provide you with this and many more related services.

We are a Google ADS partner so you are guaranteed advice from professionals.

If you are interested you can schedule your first free consultation.

First, I have to tell you that Google ADS is the largest advertising platform in the world, and it is thanks to this that we will have the possibility of having a large number of tools that will facilitate your path when promoting your website throughout everything. the Internet. 


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