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Types of web pages

In this post we will talk about the types of web pages, but did you know that the term web page as it is understood in some Spanish-speaking countries is not correct?

A web page is a small part of a larger space known as a website, that is, when we review a website for example, this in turn is made up of multiple web pages such as:

Its incorrect use has been normalized, even in this post for SEO terms we are forced to use it that way.

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Below we will give you a list of the main types of websites

1. Types of Web Pages for Commercial Purposes

It is common for a company to want to appear in Google and for this the possibility of building a website is considered, but you must be careful in your choice according to your needs.

the classification could be very varied we will make a general classification of four types: Blog, Forums, Business Websites, Landing Pages and Virtual Stores.

Below we will explain each of them in a grouped way and which one is the most suitable for your need:

The websites used for commercial purposes are mainly virtual stores, in these we can carry out transactions through a shopping cart, they are mainly used by B2C companies, and require special positioning strategies, here we leave you an example:

The other type of web pages widely used for commercial purposes are landing pages, mainly used in B2B companies, they are ideal for attracting new customers and their use is common in google ads, e-mail marketing, etc; here we leave you an example:

2. Types of Websites for Business use

Business websites are used by companies to give the user information about who they are, what they do, how they do it, etc.

These sites in turn can be commercial, and are positioned with SEO strategies to seek a greater volume of visitors, give a very good brand identity and generate reliability when establishing business relationships, an example is: .

3. Types of informative web pages

Blogs or forums are widely used to help visitors answer very specific questions. In the case of forums, their use allows the interaction of multiple participants who share ideas in a space of collective knowledge.

In the case of blogs, they are written by one or more people but their administration and content are centralized in a brand or person. In some of these types of spaces it is possible to leave opinions and comments. 

In terms of positioning they are widely used as they help generate traffic, blogs can be included in any type of website. here an example:, if you want help with your blog, click here

Our recommendation is that before selecting a website, seek help from an expert.


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