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What is content marketing

content marketing

did you know that youne of the first references to content marketing is during the First World War, it was used by the English to enlist more people in the army.

Digital marketing has changed the way of advertising, content marketing is one of the fundamental strategies today.

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What is Marketing?

The traditional definition of marketing has evolved according to the tools that have been given to us as well as the needs and demands of the market.

Initially, marketing was the strategies used to market a product, although in essence it still has the same intention, to sell, it is no longer so simple, the market is more demanding and competitive.

Marketing is essential in any commercial project, especially in these times where competition in all sectors is so strong, in all markets we have many options to choose from.

Marketing History

Marketing as a strategy to promote products and services began in the 19th century, at least professionally.

Billboards began to be created throughout Europe for the promotion of various products that began to be mass-produced thanks to industrial development.

Marketing has not only been used commercially, it has been used in politics and also in war, among others. One of the first examples of content marketing was seen at the beginning of the last century.

During the First World War, the English created and developed advertising campaigns to not only attract young people to enlist in the army, but also to create that much-needed nationalism at the time.

Informative pamphlets on the war were created and distributed among the civilian population and the army, arousing anxiety, emotions and feelings within the men of the time. 

Many of these same techniques were used by Hitler and the Germans years later to build their forces before and during World War II. As we see marketing in the wrong hands can be dangerous.

Traditional marketing through radio and television had little to no content marketing, it's hard to create specific content when you're targeting such a broad spectrum of the population.

With the advent of the internet and email, content marketing has evolved to a level never reached before. 

Traditional campaigns focus on the product and its benefits, this is a thing of the past, now the customer is the protagonist.

Today's marketing focuses on the customer and their needs, we must even create those needs if they do not have them or do not know them, how many things have you bought that you did not need or even never used? 

Marketing has specialized in many areas, email marketing or electronic mail, branding or brand recognition, and of course content marketing, among others. Let's take a look at what the latter is all about.

Content marketing? What is it?

Generating and delivering value to customers is a rule that no marketer can ignore, as we mentioned before, the new marketing focuses on the customer and not on the product.

Content Marketing is the creation and delivery of valuable content through different media, it allows us to attract our potential customers instead of chasing them

It's not just about writing, if you do it like this you are destined to fail or at least your content marketing is. There are steps we need to follow during content creation.

We must not only write about what we want to promote, we must write about what the client is interested in, about what they are looking for on networks or platforms such as google or yahoo.

We must carry out studies that allow us to determine what people's interests are when looking for information about what we want to promote, that is, the way in which this information is sought.

This will allow us to create strategies and content that arouse interest in the user and allow us to take them from their search interests to the product or service that we want to promote.

Content marketing is one of the strategies that allows us to achieve organic positioning in search engines.

Advantages of content marketing

Low budget marketing

Content Marketing has allowed us to specifically reach the right customers for our product or our niche. We no longer have to advertise to everyone.

This means that current campaigns do not need millionaire budgets to be carried out.

In fact, content marketing basically only requires the payment of the content creator as an investment.

Independence of for distribution

Content marketing allows you to use your own tools for its distribution, your website, your social networks, platforms such as Whatsapp and Telegram, email marketing, among others.

These all work together to power the delivery of the content you create, but in the end the most important thing for the success of content marketing will be its quality and value.


It helps you strengthen the positioning of your brand in the long term, since the content created, if it is good, will reach more and more users, which will generate more potential customers.

When you create valuable content, over time the posts you make on your blog will be shown more and more by search engines.

You can only take full advantage of this advantage if you publish the content on your website or blog, since only the most current content is shown on social networks.

Traffic and Brand Positioning 

If your content is of quality, content marketing allows you to be known and have greater credibility, or perhaps not all of us know brands like Quora or Wikipedia, and this is due to the quality of the content that we can find in them.

And what use is this to you? By far, if you and a competitor offer the same product with similar prices, surely the customer chooses the brand they know best, that brand should always be yours.

How to Generate Content Marketing

The generation of content marketing must be done correctly, as we said before, it is not writing for writing's sake, at least not if you want to get good results.

The first thing you should do is carry out a word study on the product, service or topic on which you want to generate traffic.

Once you have the words that the public you want to reach uses the most when searching on Google or Bing, you must document yourself and create content that contains these words.

The content must be of quality, otherwise you will not get the expected results, so it should always be done by professionals.

Content marketing can be delivered in many ways, users have different preferences so we should try to create content in different formats.

The most popular content for content marketing delivery is through a blog on the website where we want to generate traffic.

The other most used ways to get content to users is through the delivery of small guides, infographics and even videos or podcasts, email marketing, among others.

It all depends on the audience you want to reach and their behavior in the digital world.

If you still have doubts about Content Marketing and want to boost your business using this tool, contact us, no matter your size, we are going to do it.

Jose Di Campo
Jose Di Campo
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