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Zoho CRM is a software that brings together the necessary applications to automate, optimize the control and operation of your company.

It has been implemented for 20 years by more than 150 thousand companies for the creation and optimization of their processes, administration, marketing, sales, among others.

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Advantages it offers

With this customer relationship manager group, from the administration to the marketing of your company in a comprehensive management.

Accelerate and automate the manual processes that consume more resources, with more and better data you will be able to predict trends and future needs to obtain greater profits and generate new clients.

What things characterize this CRM?


Zoho CRM Automation

Manual processes are slow, consume time and resources, automating these processes will allow you to advance in areas of development and innovation.

The sales, inventory and marketing stages will obtain better results by being automated.

Each of these is part of the implementation phases of a CRM, applying them correctly will allow you to reduce costs while improving your income and controls.

Each client is unique and different

personalized attention

The implementation of CRM in a company allows you to create strategies and campaigns to obtain new customers and loyalty of existing ones.

The current levels of competition are very high, personalized treatment is not an option, it must be a fundamental pillar of the customer service process.

Each client has their own needs and must be treated according to them.

Without limits

Access to your data

With Zoho CRM Colombia, no matter where you are, you can verify the data and behavior of your company in real time.

This will allow you to make decisions and create strategies regardless of the time or where you are.

The possibility of controlling and seeing the way in which the processes in your company are developed without being present, will give you the possibility of venturing into new areas.

company CRM implementation example

sales funnel

Zoho CRMEmail Marketing

Not all clients are at the same stage of the sales process, you will be able to know what state each client is in and thus send the correct Email to each client.

You will be able to create and send personalized emails according to the behavior and interests of each of your clients.

Accelerate your growth

Why should you choose us?

With our advice you can cover and solve all the automation needs of your company. We will be with you throughout the CRM implementation process, regardless of the size of your company.

The Colombian and Latin American market does not stop growing, that is why we offer you Zoho CRM and advice in your language, We will teach you how to get the most out of each of its applications.

Do you still have doubts about how to create a CRM implementation project in your company?


Transform your commercial management to optimize and increase your sales.

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I am Valentina, a certified specialist in Zoho CRM in Colombia, together with my team we will help you implement it in your company to automate your processes.

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